Brushing Tips

Does your dog have curls or long hair?

These tips will help:

1: The best way to keep on top of your dog's grooming needs is to brush regularly. Split your dog into 7 parts for the 7 days of the week: 4 legs, 1 head, 1 body, 1 tail. Do 1 part a day and hey presto your dog will be groomed through weekly.


2: Brush in the direction of hair growth from the root to the top of the hair away from the skin. The root is where knots form from the dead hair falling out of the follicle in the skin so it's important to reach deep into the coat.


3: Use what the professionals call a ‘Slicker brush'. Ideally one with a curved head so that you brush AWAY from the skin. The pins are fine so they glide through the coat easily, parting it and removing any knots. Use with caution, as they can be sharp.


4: After brushing, use a fine-toothed comb to check all knots are removed. Choose one with appropriate length pins for your dog’s coat – one that reaches down to the skin.


5: Use spray products to help you. ‘No More Knots’ is recommended by groomers. It’s alcohol free and a little goes a long way. Spray onto the coat from about 20cm away and brush through. Don’t forget to comb afterwards. Use on damp hair if you bathe your dog or dry hair to help with the daily ‘7 day’ brushing routine.




6: Struggling to find time to groom your dog? Time your brushing with making a cup of tea. Brush whilst the kettle is boiling.  Easy if you keep a dog brush by the kettle.


7: When your dog cuddles up on the sofa, use this as the perfect gentle brushing and bonding time.


8: Make brushing a pleasure not a chore – always reward with treats, for you both!


9: Friction causes knots so if your dog wears a harness make sure you brush the area where the harness touches the dogs fur after every walk to prevent knots building up.