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Want to put our best sellers through their paces? Give our trial pack a go. £35.00, saves £10.80.

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Cockapoo Grooming Kit

Is your Cockapoo getting in a tangle? Let us help with that. Care & Detangle shampoo for bathing. A soft slicker brush, sprayed with No More Knots & comb to check all the knots have gone. Offer price £35.00 Save £8.80 on individual prices.

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pH balanced

A versatile, caring pH neutral shampoo for all coats over 6+ months. Use in-between professional grooms to help keep knots and tangles at bay. Contains Pro-V B5 and smells deliciously of coconut & shea butter.

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Be ready

Rentokil have reported a rise of 47% versus last year of flea problem enquiries. Don't get caught out. Use No More Fleas regularly. pH balanced with Tea Tree and Lemon oils to help make your dog smell less attractive to fleas & ticks. The dreaded season is on us so use regularly in-between professional grooms.

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Squeaky Clean Spot Wash Soap Bar

Who has a 4-legged friend that needs their beard, ears, feet and bottom washed in-between visits to the groomers? Try our fantastic spot wash soap bar for a squeaky clean coat.

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The secret to knot-free coats

Loved by professional groomers, No More Knots detangle spray for coat management is now available to help make brushing your dog's coat at home quicker and kinder.

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Slicker Brush

This may look fierce but a slicker brush is the professional's choice. Round ended pins and a curved handle avoid scratching but gets the job done. It's the most effective and kind way to brush your dog's coat and remove tangles and knots. Spray with a light spray of No More Knots detangling spray before brushing.

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Twinkle Toes Nail Clippers

Light weight, quiet and easy to use. Read how to use and why keeping nails short is really important.

Tips on nail clipping

Brushing Tips


Split your dog into 7 parts for the 7 days of the week. 4 legs, 1 head, 1 body, 1 tail. Do 1 part a day and hey presto your dog will be groomed through weekly. 


Brush in the direction of hair growth from the root to the top of the hair away from the skin. The root is where knots form from the dead hair falling out of the follicle in the skin. 


Friction causes knots so if your dog wears a harness make sure you brush the area where the harness touches the dogs fur after every walk to prevent knots building up.

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Meet Julie

No More Knots was developed by professional groomer Julie Harris to help you make brushing your dog at home easier. As an experienced groomer, educator and animal lover Julie has seen many cases where dogs and owners are distressed because of a knotty, tangled coat. Watch Julie brush Douglas the Bichon and show you how No More Knots can help.