About Us

My Groomer Recommends has been created to help dog owners care for their dog's coats between professional grooms. Our range is built around products used by groomers that will make brushing your dog's coat at home a joy rather than a chore. As well as products you'll find regular tips and hints to get the result you're looking for.

Our founders and Directors are Julie Harris and Jo Hargraves. Here they are during a day's filming in Julie's salon - Tails of St Leonards in East Sussex.

Julie and Jo started working together in 2014 and first developed Julie's professional product range. Jo has a background in new product development and Julie knew exactly what she needed to help make her grooming easier. Since then Julie and Jo have set up Harris and Hargraves Limited and have not only launched My Groomer Recommends, but also the Julie Harris Dog Grooming Education platform to help dog groomers have access to great quality, affordable training materials. They have been nominated for Best Product, three times, twice with Julie Harris Coat Management Spray and in 2023 with Julie Harris Education.

They say "We're very fussy when it comes to products and set the bar high in terms of safety and testing. Grooming can be a great bonding activity but it needs to be carried out in a kind and safe way. Our products have light or no fragrance rather than be overpowering for dogs. They are effective to make the grooming process kinder and quicker and above all they are safe, using human grade, EU approved ingredients and pH balanced to be neutral for a dog's skin and coat, minimising the chance of irritation"

We hope you love them as much as we love our 4-legged pack!