Wonderful Noses

by Julie Harris

I love a nose.....!

We all know dogs smell considerably better than us, with 300 million receptors compared to our 6 million. Its hard to put into context but if we make the same analogy to taste, then a teaspoon of sugar we detect in a cup of tea, would be the same for a dog detecting a teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic size swimming pools; pretty impressive.

Why do dogs need to be able to smell so well and what can hamper a dog's ability to do so?
A moist nose is a sign of health, it is also essential for great scent gathering; a dry, cracked nose does not attract airborne scents as effectively as a moist, supple nose. As dogs age the condition of their nose may hamper their ability to smell and move around freely “following their nose”. This is why dogs have the ability to lick their noses, so they can keep them damp and efficient.

How do dogs smell?
The way that dogs smell is also amazing. We breathe in and out, doing two separate activities; breathing in a scent then, pushing it out. Dogs, because of the way their nose are designed breathe in through the front of their nostrils and out via the slits at the side, meaning dogs have the ability to breath in and out AT THE SAME TIME so there is no interruption to their constant scent gathering. Even more amazing they can independently smell through each nostril. Why?
So they can detect which direction the scent is coming from .

Canine Noses Airflow

What about pheromones?

Dogs have an additional organ situated on the roof of their mouth called the Jacobson's organ. This organ primarily identifies pheromones in relation to mating but also enhances a pups ability to find its mother.

How dogs do remember us?

Not only is the part of the brain that interprets all these scents 40 times larger than ours, it also has a remarkable memory and that’s the way that these fabulous animals remember us even when we may have been parted for many years.

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Lily suffers from a cracked nose, which is common as dog's age and impairs their ability to sniff.